The namib desert

We lost ourselves in the rolling dunes of the namib that sing a desert song of sun, wind and sky the world’s oldest desert is a place of space and silence that stretches across namibia’s entire atlantic coast. In the namib desert 40 days of complete isolation one of the most remote places on our planet creating an epic piece of art & music inspired only by nature and this hostile environment, stranger intuitively create the fractals. The namib desert in the far north west of namibia is equally impressive as in angola i am shocked how quickly – and how often – the landscape switches from open sandy planes to rocky mountainous scrambles and back again with everything in between.

Learn more about the conservation status, plants and animals of the namib desert, one of the most fascinating and oldest deserts on earth learn more about the conservation status, plants and animals of the namib desert, one of the most fascinating and oldest deserts on earth. The namib is a desert in southwestern africa, on the coast of the atlantic ocean it stretches more than 1,250 miles (2,000 kilometers), between the city of namibe in southern angola and the olifants river in south africa. Namib desert lying between the inhospitable dunes of the namib desert and the vast iciness of the atlantic ocean is the tiny time-warped german colonial town of lüderitz and its fascinating diamond ghost town of kolmanskop.

An astronaut aboard the international space station focused a lens on the margin of a sand sea in the namib desert of southwestern africa the pristine desert near the atlantic coast of namibia is home to several game parks and is a prime region for star-gazing because of its clear and light-free night skies. Before i came to the namib desert, i might have thought that was a long time sesriem canyon in the namib desert at ground level, the two million year old sesriem canyon sinks into the earth with a creamy, crumbly crust. Other fascinating desert-adapted wildlife of the namib desert include: baboon, leopard, cheetah, brown and spotted hyena, klipspringer, springbok, steenbok, cape and bat eared fox, hartmann’s zebra, as well as many insects, reptiles, small mammals and even wild desert horses. The namib desert, one of the most inhospitable places in the world, lies in the southwest corner of africa the namib, which believed to be the world's oldest desert, stretches from the orange river in the south to the angolan border in the north stretches for 2,080km (1,300mi. If you imagine more than just endless sand, heat, and emptiness, jürgen wettke's the namib desert is the perfect photo book for you with an excellent eye for unusual structures and colors, wettke invigorates our imagination and shows us that the desert is a place of unexpected variety.

The sand sea covers over three million acres inside the namib-naukluft park the national park is the combination of the namib desert, thought to be the world’s oldest desert, and the naukluft mountains, which serve as a sanctuary for endemic hartmann zebras. In the namib desert, giraffes were rarely seen drinking until the installation of artificial watering holes, at which giraffes have been observed drinking regularly, sometimes on consecutive days water intake is dependent on the amount of water consumed in the diet, dry matter intake, ambient temperature, dietary salt, and precipitation. The namib desert is ancient, severe and beautiful all at the same time it will grace you with dust, drought, stifling heat and harsh conditions it will deprive you of necessities like water and food however, the landscape has produced such treasures as the namib sand sea and the skeleton coast.

The namib desert

The namib is a desert on the west coast of southern africa it stretches more than 1,250 miles (2,000 kilometers) between the city of namibe in angola and the olifants river in south africa the largest part of the namib is in the country of namibia. A section of the central namib desert incorporates the namib naukluft park, the largest park in namibia and the 3rd largest on the african continent the present day park is a combination of the namib desert park and the naukluft mountain zebra park as well as sections of the diamond area. Namib desert tour this trip departs from windhoek after the first night and takes you over the majestic namib desert escarpment at spreetshoogte pass we travel down into the namib desert towards sesriem and sossusvlei.

  • Namib desert scenic flights fly over the sossusvlei, cape cross or the skeleton coast eagle eye aviation is a well-established flight and activity operator in swakopmund run by the botha brothers.
  • Africa’s namib desert is a harsh and unforgiving place, home to shifting, barren sand dunes, jagged mountains, and gravel plains the vast desert — whose name means “place of no people” in.
  • The namib desert is rugged, diverse, barren, beautiful, and a fascinating place to take your kids in such a completely remote environment, it’s just you and the earth,” says julian harrison.

Natural beauty few countries in africa can match namibia's sheer natural beauty the country's name derives from its (and the world's) oldest desert, the namib, and there are few more stirring desert realms on the planet, from the sand sea and perfect dead-tree valleys at sossusvlei to the otherworldliness of sand dunes plunging down to the sea at sandwich harbour and the skeleton coast. The large, arid namib desert has resulted in namibia being overall one of the least densely populated countries in the world etymology the name of the country is derived from the namib desert, considered to be the oldest desert in the world the name, namib itself, is of nama origin and. The namib desert, located in namibia, southwestern angola, and extending towards the north of south africa, is considered to be the oldest desert in the world it boasts of having the highest sand dunes in the world.

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The namib desert
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